What other things you can do while being a student?

What other things you can do while being a student?

The main focus of a student is obviously his/her studies, but a person cannot just study endlessly. So, what do students do in their free time? While some would waste away their time, some actually take their time to nourish their skills in extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities can be developed into a set of useful skills and once you have nourished and enriched these skills you can put them to use. In doing so, you can do countless other productive activities besides being a student. While the burden seems lesser when we are financially dependent on our guardians and scholarships, there is, however, that thrill that comes from being financially independent. This is the main reason why many students are also part-time workers in various fields. But, being a part-time worker requires the student to work strictly according to their schedules for that tiny bit of allowance. So in this case it is safe to say that freelancers are more like free birds. They can work whenever is convenient for them. Students can opt for numerous ways to keep them busy and at the same time avoiding their wallets from being empty. They can earn their allowances by working as freelancers doing what they love in a passion driven way. In doing so, they can grow as individuals who are capable of being financially independent. By starting on their journey early they can become professionals in their fields by the time they got their master’s degrees. This can help them have a stable ground for setting out into the world of endless job hunts and limited employment.

Everyone has their own dreams of achieving something greater. This is the main reason why parents push their children into the education system hoping they can do well in their studies and become greater personas. Only handfuls have been able to pass by the grotesque torture of the education system and these have been the aces of our batches. However they still have to work harder on getting a good job with a decent pay. Only the most intelligent from among the aces have managed to climb the social ladder of being successful bureaucrats, professors and so on. An average student has lesser chances of climbing that ladder. But, we need not depend only on education to grant us a job for schools can teach us what we need to know but it does not provide us with a detailed manual on how to get our dream job. As Einstein once said, “You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree”, so also, we can’t let society judge our success based on our grades. I won’t say that grades are not important for they are going to be well assessed when you step in that interview room. But apart from earning good grades, students also need to hone their skills making them productive for their own benefit and the society’s as well. By forging, as would a metal in burning coals, your skills can be burnished to shine like a finished gleaming sword ready to hit the market. If your skills are in high demand then you can no longer live as a broke graduate that can only afford the cafeteria food but as someone who can hold his own ground and pay his own bills.

This is the main reason why there is a stress on skill development in students so that they would not only depend on other sources for employment but they can create their own career and on being young entrepreneurs, they can also create job opportunities for others. However, it is easier said than done, such a path needs a lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance and most importantly that window of opportunities that can help ensure your path to success.

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